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Forthcoming    ‘The Public Service Mutual: theories of motivational advantage’ (with Jonathan Roberts)  Public Administration Review.


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2008                ‘The giants of excess: a challenge to the nation’s health’ Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A 171 (4) 843-856.

2008                ‘Motivations and commissioning: perceived and expressed motivations of care home providers’, (with T. Matosevic and M. Knapp) Social                             Policy and Administration, 42, 3, 228-247.

2007                ‘Is the British National Health Service equitable? The evidence on socioeconomic differences in utilization’ (with A. Dixon. J Henderson, R.                           Murray, and E. Poliakoff)  Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, 12 (2) 104-109.

2006                ‘Academia, policy and politics’ Health Economics, Policy and Law 1(4):319-322

2004                ‘Individual choice and social exclusion’ in K Dowding, R Goodin and C Pateman (eds) Justice and Democracy.  Cambridge: Cambridge                                   University Press.

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2000                A Capital Idea: Start-up Grants for Young People  (with D. Nissan).  London: Fabian Society.

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1999                ‘Monopoly in sports broadcasting’ (with W. New) Policy Studies, 20, 23-36.


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