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Degrees                     B.A. Economics, University of Sussex, 1967. Upper second.

                                    Ph.D Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1972



2014                            Knight Bachelor, for services to social science and public service.

Other Honours and Awards

2018                            Honorary Doctorate, University of Birmingham

2012                            Fellow of the British Academy

2012                            Eupolis Prize 2012, Eupolis Institute, Milan

2012                            Wolfson prize, special mention category

2008                            Institute of Healthcare Management, Companion

2007                            Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

2006                            Honorary Doctorate (D.Litt), University of Sussex.

1999                            Founding Academician, Academy of Social Sciences

1997                            Honorary Fellow, Faculty of Public Health Medicine

1967-71                      Thouron Scholar, University of Pennsylvania

Present Post

1993 – present           Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics

Previous Posts

2003 – 2005                Senior Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister, No.10 Downing St (on secondment).

1987 – 93                    Professor of Public Policy and (1990-93) Director, School for Advanced Urban Studies, University of Bristol.

1985 – 1987                Senior Research Fellow and Director of Welfare State Programme, Suntory-Toyota International Centre for Economics and

                                     Related Disciplines, London School of Economics

1978 – 1985                Lecturer in Economics, London School of Economics

1977 – 1978                Visiting Professor in Economics, University of California at Santa Barbara

1971 – 1977                Lecturer in Economics, University of Sussex



Public Service

2014                            Chair, Panel reviewing Birmingham Children's Services

2013                            Chair, Panel reviewing Doncaster Children’s Services

2011 – 2013                Chair, Cabinet Office Mutuals Task Force

2008 – 2013                Expert Advisory Group, Social Work Practices, Department for Children, Schools and Families

2009 – 2010                Visiting Fellow, Bureau of European Policy Advisors, European Commission, Brussels

2007 – 2009                Chair, Health England: the National Reference Group for Health and Well-being, Department of Health.

2006 – 2007                Chair, Working Group on Social Care Practices, Department for Education and Skills

2004 – 2009                Member, Group of Societal Policy Analysts, European Commission, Brussels

2007 – 2008                Member, Steering Panel, Science Review, Department of Health

1999 – 2003                Commissioner, Commission for Health Improvement

1996 – 1999                Vice-Chair and Non-Executive Director, Frenchay NHS Healthcare Trust

1994 – 1999                Member, General Officer Commanding's Health Service Advisory Board, British Forces Germany Health Commission

1994 – 1995                Non-Executive Director, Avon Health Authority

1990 – 1995                Member, Avon Family Health Service Authority

1988 – 1992                Member, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Research Grants Board

1982 – 1986                Member, ESRC Social Affairs Committee


Current Professional Activities

2016 – present           Editorial Board, Journal of Behavioural Public Policy

2014 – present           Trustee,  Think Ahead

2007 – present           Editorial Board, Political Quarterly

2005 – present           International Advisory Board, Health Economics, Policy and Law

Previous Professional Activities

2007 – 2016                Trustee, Kings Fund

2013 – 2014                Member, Kings Fund Commission on Health and Socal Care

2013 – 2014                Member, Mutuals Advisory Panel

2011 – 2012                Member, OHE Commission on Competition in the NHS

2004 – 2011                Chairman, Harkness Fellowship Selection Committee, New York Commonwealth Fund

2007 – 2011                Member, Research Awards Advisory Committee, Leverhulme Trust

2007 – 2008                Member, Local Government Association Health Commission

1993 – 2007                Fellow and Senior Associate, Kings Fund

1999 – 2003                Governor and Member of Council, London School of Economics.

1999 – 2001                Member, Institute of Public Policy Research Commission on Public/Private Partnerships

1998 – 2000                Member, Fabian Commission on Taxation and Citizenship

1996 – 1997                Member of Council, Policy Studies Institute

1983                             Visiting Research Fellow, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra

1984 – 1986                Editorial Board, Quarterly Journal of Social Affairs

1988 – 1992                Editorial Board, Policy and Politics

1991 – 1998                Editorial Board, Consumer Policy Review


At various times         Consultant for the World Health Organisation, the World Bank, the European Commission, the OECD, the BBC, HM Treasury,

                                      the UK National Audit Office, the UK Department of Health and le Ministere de l'Urbanisme et du Logement, Paris.




Authored Books

1976                The Economics of Social Problems (with R. Robinson) Houndmills: Macmillan.


1980                The Economics of Social Problems (with R. Robinson) US edition, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.


1982                The Strategy of Equality: Redistribution and the Social Services, London:  Allen and Unwin.


1984                The Economics of Social Problems (with R. Robinson) 1984, 2nd edition, Houndmills: Macmillan.


1988                Not Only the Poor: The Middle Classes and the Welfare State (with R. Goodin et al), London: Allen and Unwin.


1991                Equity and Choice: An Essay in Economics and Applied Philosophy, London: Harper Collins (now Routledge).


1992                The Economics of Social Problems  3rd edition, (with R. Robinson and C. Propper) Houndmills: Macmillan. Also Chinese translation


1996                Rationing in the NHS: Principles and Pragmatism (with B. New),  London: Kings Fund.


2003                Motivation, Agency and Public Policy: Of Knights and Knaves, Pawns and Queens, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (link) 

                         Greek translation 2007. Japanese translation 2008.


2006                Motivation, Agency and Public Policy: Of Knights and Knaves, Pawns and Queens, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Revised Paperback



2007                The Other Invisible Hand: Delivering Public Services through Choice and Competition Oxford: Princeton University Press. (link)                                           Translated into Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Portuguese.


2008                The Economics of Social Problems  4th edition, (with C. Propper and S. Smith) Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.


2015                Government Paternalism: Nanny State or Helpful Friend? (with Bill New). Princeton: Princeton University Press. (link)


Edited Books

1984                Privatisation and the Welfare State (ed with R. Robinson), London: Allen and Unwin.


1989                Market Socialism (ed with S. Estrin), Oxford: Oxford University Press.


1993                Quasi-Markets and Social Policy (ed with W. Bartlett), Houndmills: Macmillan.


1994                Evaluating the NHS Reforms (ed with R. Robinson), London: Kings Fund Institute.


                         Quasi-Markets in the Welfare State (ed with W. Bartlett, C. Propper, and D. Wilson) SAUS Publications, Bristol.


1998                A Revolution in Social Policy: Quasi-Market Reforms in the 1990s (ed with W. Bartlett, and J. Roberts) Bristol: the Policy Press.


                         The State of Social Welfare, 1997  (ed with P. Flora, Jong and J-Y Kim) Aldershot: Ashgate.


                         Learning from the NHS Internal Market: A Review of the Evidence (ed with N. Mays and J. Mulligan) London: Kings Fund Publishing.


1999                Health Care and Cost Containment in the European Union (ed with E.Mossialos) Aldershot: Ashgate.


2002                Understanding Social Exclusion (ed with J. Hills and D. Piachaud) Oxford: Oxford University Press.


2007                Making Social Policy Work (ed with J. Hills and D. Piachaud) Bristol: Policy Press.


Government Reports

2007                Consistent Care Matters: Exploring the Potential of Social Work Practices London: Department for Education and Skills.


2009                Incentives for Prevention (with Divya Srivastava)  Health England Report No 3


2013                Report to the Secretary of State for Education on Ways Forward for Children’s Services in Doncaster


2014                Report to the Secretary of State for Education and the Minister for Children and Families on Ways Forward for Children’s Services in


Other Volumes

1990                Symposium on the Welfare State (ed with B. Barry and R. Goodin) Ethics, University of Chicago Press 


                         Social Welfare in Britain and Poland (ed with W. Okrasa), STICERD Occasional Paper No.12, LSE.


1997                Public/Private Partnerships (with D. Corry and R. Radcliffe), London: Institute of Public Policy Research



Articles In Refereed Journals

1971                'Concerning the appropriate formulae for achieving horizontal equity through revenue sharing' (with A. Reschovsky), National Tax

                          Journal, 24, 475-486.   


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                         'Fiscal equity and central government grants to local authorities', Economic Journal, 85, 531-547. (Also submitted as evidence to

                          the Layfield Committee on local government finance).


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                         the Welfare State Edward Elgar 2001


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Articles in Other Journals

1987                'The survival of the welfare state' The Economic Review 5, 34-38.               


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                         ‘Health England’ ( with R Sherriff) the newsletter of the Faculty of Public Health


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2014                ‘The idea of charging for health care may have been killed for good’  Health Service Journal 4 Sept.


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Book reviews in the Economic Journal, Economica, Government and Opposition, Times Higher Education Supplement, Journal of Social Policy, etc.


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                         The Guardian 8 May 

                         ‘Making mutuals sustainable is no easy task’  The Guardian 8 November


Blog Entries

2010              ‘This spending review may yet be helpful for social indicators: only time will tell’ British Politics and Policy at LSE 3 Feb 

2010              ‘Greater choice and competition in the NHS now provides a mature set of solutions whose time has come’ British Politics and Policy at

                        LSE 15 July

2011               ‘A small change for a big result: the case of M & S shows that choice can

                        encourage positive environmental behaviour’ British Politics and Policy at

                        LSE 3 Feb 

2011               ‘A much maligned reform of hospitals is working’ behaviour’ British Politics

                       and Policy at LSE 26 May 

2011               ‘To ease the pain of devaluation countries should quit the euro – then instantly

                        re-join at a weaker rate’ behaviour’British Politics and Policy at LSE 17 No

2012               ‘Both economic theory and evidence from the UK shows that state-funded

                        healthcare which incorporates market-type incentives will save more lives and

                        reduce more suffering’ British Politics and Policy at LSE 9 March 

2012               ‘Both Greece and Germany would benefit from quitting and then instantly re-

                        joining the European Economic and Monetary Union’ European Politics and

                        Policy at LSE 16 May 

2018               ‘How to have a serious referendum on Brexit and avoid a rerun of the original’

                        British Politics and Policy at LSE 31 May 


1989                Advisor and Co-presenter ‘Spongers’ World in Action, ITV, May 15

1996                Series Consultant The New Jerusalem, BBC2

1998                Presenter, ‘An Unhealthy Obsession’ Analysis, BBC Radio 4, January 8th

                         Presenter, ‘The Profit Motive’ Analysis, BBC Radio 4, December

1999                Presenter,  ‘Beyond the Pale’   Analysis, BBC Radio 4, April 5th and 11th

                         Co-presenter ‘Winner-take-all?’  Big Ideas,  BBC2, July 25th

                         Guest, A Good Read, Radio 4, September 7 and 12

2003                Presenter, ‘Great Expectations’ Analysis, BBC Radio 4, April 17 and 24

                         Authored Film The Politics Show Sept 15th

2006                Authored Piece on NHS  World Tonight


Regular Panel Member of Any Questions, BBC Radio 4.


Many appearances on Newsnight, Today Programme, World at One, The World Tonight, On the Record, Ten O’Clock News, BBC World Service, CNN etc

Recent Invited Lectures

The Keynes Lecture, University of Kent, 11 March 1999

The Friedlander Lecture, University of California at Berkeley, 12 April, 1999.

The Marshall Lecture, University of Southampton, 9 May 2000

The Social Science Lecture, University of Brighton, 17 May 2000

The John Stuart Mill Lecture, John Stuart Mill Institute, 5 November 2000

Millennial Lecture, Kings College Medical School,  7 November 2000

The Marsden Lecture, Royal Free Hospital, 18 November 2005

The Esmee Fairbairn Lecture, University of Lancaster, 1st December 2005

The Beveridge Lecture, Royal Statistical Society, 22nd October 2007

The Benjamin E. Youngdahl Lecture in Social Policy, Washington University, Saint Louis, USA, 31st March 2008

Keynote Address, Spanish Health Economics Association, Salamanca, Spain 30 May 2008

Keynote Address, Seventh European Conference of Health Economists, Rome, 24th July 2008

The Wolfson Lecture, Barts and The London, 13th October 2008

Keynote  Address, TISS Annual Conference, Delhi, 19th December 2009

Keynote Address, Bioethics Sympsium, University of Wisconsin, April 8th , 2010

Invited Lecture, Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities, University of Mauritius, April 2011

Plenary Lecture. Politics and Policy 2012 Conference, 18th September 2012

Behavioural Public Policy Lecture, LSE, 2019

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